Why Does Your Computer Need a Maintenance Checkup?

Why Does Your Computer Need a Maintenance Checkup?

Is your computer running slower than normal? All computers and devices need a ‘health’ check-up just like humans and pets …

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Preventative Maintenance Checkups <br />Only $39.99 For a Limited Time!

Preventative Maintenance Checkups
Only $39.99 For a Limited Time!

dirty_computerFor a limited time, Schrock’s most popular service, our Preventative Maintenance Checkup will be on special for 50% off the normal price.

Schrock’s Maintenance Checkup is the best value in town when it comes to tuning up a slowing computer – especially when it is on sale for only $39.99!

For that $39 price, Schrock will spend up to 8 hours working on your computer.  During the Maintenance Checkup we will:

  • Blow dust and debris out of your computer’s fans and power supply
  • Scan your hard drive for signs of future failure
  • Test your system memory
  • Test your computer’s power supply
  • Test your CD/DVD drive
  • Examine your motherboard for signs of future failure
  • Test your computer’s power supply for proper voltages
  • Install any recommended Windows Updates
  • Install updates for common software like Flash or Reader
  • Scan for malware and virus infections
  • Update your installed anti-virus software
  • Repair registry errors and corruptions
  • Clean your computer’s exterior

Compare Schrock’s Maintenance Checkup on special to competing services that cost as much as $120!

This is the only Preventative Maintenance Checkup Special of 2015, so don’t miss this final opportunity to prevent costly malfunctions and data loss!

If you can’t bring your computer in …

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