Schrock Innovations The Modular Tablets are here

Schrock Innovations The Modular Tablets are here

The next generation of Schrock Tablets are here. On this Morning Blend, Thor talks about everything you need to know …

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2015 Holiday Special Available Now at Schrock

Holiday Special Counter

Each and every year, Schrock Innovations’ engineers get together to design our year-ending Holiday Special.  This year we have three different Holiday Special models to choose from starting at $1,399 for a complete computer system with all accessories.

Our goal this year is to engineer a computer so powerful and reliable, it could last you up to 10 years.  With so many unknowns in the world, let Schrock Innovations check reliable technology off your list this holiday season.

The Holiday Special systems are sold AT OUR COST.  Schrock wants you to be a long-term customer and the best way to do that is offer you a system you will enjoy for years to come.  There will only be 150 total Holiday Special units available this year, so don’t delay any longer than you must to take advantage of these amazing Modular builds from Schrock!

Introducing the 2015 Holiday Special Desktop

hsdesktop-squareEvery year as computers evolve, Schrock’s engineers pack a little more technology and power into the Holiday Special so it will be your family’s go-to trouble-free PC for years to come.

This year is no different. In fact the 2015 Holiday Special Blows other computers out of the water.


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