New Laptops Have Arrived

New Laptops Have Arrived

In this Omaha Morning Blend segment, we discuss the new laptops in-stock at Schrock Innovations. Join us for more information …

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2014 Holiday Special Available Now at Schrock

Holiday Special Counter

Each and every year, Schrock Innovations management gets together and plots out our year-ending Holiday Special. The goal is to engineer a computer so powerful and reliable, it could last you longer than 10 years. Given the holiday season, we release 300 of these special edition computer systems to the public AT OUR COST.

Introducing the 2014 Holiday Special Desktop

holiday special desktop computer

Every year as technology evolves, we pack a little more technology and power into the Holiday Special to make sure it’s better than the previous year. This year is no different. In fact, this year marks the biggest architectural upgrade we’ve made in years. Even with all the horsepower that last year’s Holiday Special had, this one blows it away.

Download the 2014 Holiday Special Desktop Spec Sheet

Two breakthrough architectural changes define this system and make this year’s version especially amazing.

  • We’ve made our first major CPU upgrade in years, packing an additional 4 cores into what was already an amazing 8-core processor. With AMD’s 12-core APU technology, we’ve seen a 20% overall performance boost on 50% of the energy usage compared to last year’s model. It also performs 2 times better at graphics processing – without the use

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