Modular Computers by Schrock InnovationsSchrock Innovations has computing devices available for your every need, from desktop computers all the way down to tablets. Whether you’re looking for a device to take on-the-go, a computer to use at home, or several computers for your business, Schrock Innovations can help set you up with what you need.

Schrock’s Modular Desktop Computers

Modular Computer

Schrock exclusively offers Modular PCs that are built from industry standard parts. These computers are easy to repair, inexpensive to upgrade, and last longer than most traditional big box store desktop computers.

In fact, Modular PCs last almost twice as long as computers produced by the national companies because they are built using parts that exceed – rather than equally match – the demands placed on them.

With Modular tower systems starting at $599, and a wide variety of options and customizations available, you are sure to find a system that meets your needs and your budget.

Notebook Computers

Before you jump head first into the wide assortment of notebooks on the market, talk to a Schrock technician about what notebook is best for your needs and why.

Notebooks are more difficult to upgrade than desktops, so it is important to get the job done right the first time.

Schrock can buy all of the same great brands as big box stores and then back them with local service and support.



Schrock Modular Tablet

Schrock’s 10.1″ Modular Tablet is engineered to provide you with the best features of the iPad combined with the power of Android technology.

The tablet gives you the eye-popping clarity of the iPad’s retina display with all of your favorite Android features such as a USB port, expansion storage slot, and over 1 million apps via the Google Play store.

With a sturdy aluminum unibody 3 oz. lighter than the iPad and up to 15 hours of battery life, along with a 5 MP rear camera that records 1080p HD video and the 2 mp forward camera, the Schrock Modular Tablet covers any of your portable device needs.

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