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Summer Savings on Modular Tablets at Schrock Innovations

Our Schrock Modular tablets give you the opportunity to be customized, multiples USB, HDMI output, you name it. It is literally like a Laptop. Our Modular Tablet you can replace parts whenever you need them, not hustle, when the time comes and something needs to be added/replaced it just open, replace, close, and go. Do not miss out this flash sale, get 10% OFF, and remember to like us on Facebook. By the way, use the promo code "facebook" when checking out and you will receive an extra 10% off, remember it is just for a limited time.

Time to update your computer.

On this segment of the Morning Blend, Thor discusses the world hacking incident that occurred over the weekend and what you need to do to keep from being attacked.

Schrock Takes Care of Computer Habit Victims, Honors Computer Habit Warranties

Schrock Innovations recently learned that Computer Habit, one of Omaha’s longest operating computer repair stores, has closed its doors. Computer Habit’s sudden closure was disappointing to many of its pre-paid maintenance program customers and new computer warranty holders. Many of these customers pre-paid for an entire year of support. Schrock Innovations has no affiliation with Computer Habit or its previous owner, Lawrence Skarnulis. However, when local customers are mistreated by a local computer repair shop it casts all of us in a bad light. There are still many local computer repair shops you can trust in the Omaha metro area. We want to show you that Schrock Innovations is one of those trustworthy local authorities. If you have a pre-paid maintenance agreement with Computer Habit or a warranty on hardware that was purchased there, Schrock Innovations will honor that warranty at no cost to you. Just bring in your original purchase paperwork and let us show you what award-winning computer support looks like!